What Is The Vidaview Life Story Board?

 The Life Story Board™toolkit-components-web
is a magnet-receptive play board, and sets of magnetic cards & markers for people, events, activities, feelings, questions, roles, health, interactions, resources, and many other significant life elements.

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Why Is It Powerful?

  • The LSB process engages the healing power of narrative
  • Co-creation encourages sharing within an atmosphere of safety and respect
  • A lifescape is visual, tactile, & dynamic, opening opportunities for insight & exploration
  • LSB adds a non-verbal mode of sharing to the tools available to the helping professional
  • LSB symbols transcend cultural & language differences, making it relevant in a diverse range of contexts
  • Memories & feelings are invoked & externalized in a way that softens possible re-activation of trauma

In a Life Story Board Session

The Therapist Guide and Client Storyteller co-create a lifescape: a dynamic visual map of key aspects of the client’s life and experiences.

A lifescape can depict a whole life overview, or focus in on a specific time, event, or topic.

The Timeline enables multiple time periods to be depicted in the same layout, revealing impactful chains of events, changes, and constants.

Secret Cards promote a sense of safety by allowing the client to control degree of disclosure.

A Hollow Zone holds space for indicating meaningful absences in life, and Field Cards note various factors connected to influential personal or cultural themes.



A Complex Life Story Board Layout




The Life Story Board Process

  • Facilitates respectful exploration of sensitive issues and difficult material
  • Honours diverse cultural backgrounds and personal communication styles
  • Supports and integrates with varied counseling frameworks & settings
  • Complements conventional verbal interview, assessment, and therapy approaches
  • Encourages engagement & sharing with non-verbal or hesitant clients

 To read more about the Life Story Board Process, click here.

LSB Session Examples Gallery

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