Life Story Board Applications

The open-ended nature of the symbols and markers allows the LSB to transcend cultural or language differences and have relevant application across a diverse range of ages and contexts.

The Life Story Board system has potential application, as:

  • an engaging, therapeutic process
  • a clinical tool for assessment
  • an information-recording system
  • a tool for research and evaluation in specific program contexts

Therapy & Assessment Applications

The LSB has qualities that make it particularly appealing to children: the visual, tactile process is engaging and playful, easing the discomfort they commonly experience with verbalising alone.

Our original development of the LSB  focused on using it with children, but we have subsequently expanded the conceptual framework and symbol sets to encompass adult perspectives as well.

Settings where the Life Story Board™ has applicability as an assessment or therapy tool include:

  • School Counselling
  • Community Mental Health
  • Immigrant/Refugee Services
  • Addiction Services
  • Family Services
  • Private Therapy
  • Trauma Work
  • Grief Counselling

Current Applications

In North America

The Life Story Board™ is currently being used in varied applications across Canada and the USA.  Settings include school districts, multi-faceted community service agencies, and private family therapy practice.

Since 2011, training on the LSB has been delivered in Canada to counsellors in a rural school district; multicultural counsellors at a community health centre, and a family counselling agency; and a child development agency.


The Life Story Board™ system has been introduced internationally to:

  •  The director and aboriginal staff team of Berry St’s Take Two Program, in Melbourne, Australia. The connection was facilitated by Dr. Bruce Perry, founder of The Child Trauma Academy, who shares interests in visual art-based approaches with aboriginal clients and communities. Pilot collaborations were explored and LSB Toolkits have been shipped.
  • Therapists, and a teacher and counsellor working with refugee children and aboriginal schools in Darwin Australia
  • Butterfly Peace Garden, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka: a creative arts program for children affected by war and natural disaster. The BPG is where Dr. Chase began developing Life Story Board methods in 1994-2000. Two days were spent in 2012 with half a dozen staff to introduce the LSB to senior counsellors in the village program for ex-combatants and their families.
  • The Director, and the Dean of Research, Royal Institute of Health Sciences, Bhutan, who are interested in utilizing LSB methods in their nation-wide health needs assessment.


 Counsellors at the Butterfly Peace Garden in Sri Lanka
Practise Using the Life Story Board, 2012