The Life Story Board™ Toolkit

The Vidaview Life Story Board™ system is based on a 19” x 26” magnet-receptive play board, and sets of magnetic Elements, Cards and Markers that can be placed on the board and marked up with erasable marker pen and clay.

The Toolkit also includes a complete Toolkit Manual, handy quick reference Guide Sheets, magnetic display palettes and palette holder, erasable pens and coloured clay.

The Board Zones

LSB-board-web Coloured Zones on the LSB are designated as:

  • Yellow to hold markers for inner Personal qualties and issues
  • Green for Family & Close Relations
  • Blue for the Larger Community/World
  • The Red Timeline enables multiple time periods to be depicted in the same layout, revealing meaningful changes and constants, patterns and chains of events.

Zone & Field Cards

  • Hollow Zone hollow zoneserves as a place on the Story Board to indicate the entities, roles, or qualities notably missing or absent (for bad or good) in the situation being story-boarded
  • Additional Zone Cards other zonescan have meaning designated as needed, such as ‘Safety’ or ‘Good Influences’
  • Field Cards and Labels are used to make notes and organize discussion of themes, patterns, and social factors influencing the Storyteller’s experience.

Magnetic Cards and Markers

toolkit box layout

People, Entities And Objects That Exist

  • Person Cards: 8 colours that can be coded by generations or other groups
  • Vital Status Cards: Departures, Deaths, Physical & Mental Health Issues
  • Status Icons: Departure Reasons, Causes of Death, Physical & Mental Health Details
  • Dwelling Card: Occupants, Physical & Emotional Safety
  • Body Map
  • Pets / Animals

Things That Happen, Things People Do

  • Events
  • Acts
  • Activity Cards & Icons
  • Behaviour Cards & Icons

Relational / Social Aspects

  • Roles
  • Interaction Patterns

Internal Experience And Reflections

  • ‘Signposts’: Questions, Problems, Insights, Resolve
  • Personal Qualities
  • Self Esteem
  • Thought Clouds: hopes, dreams, ideas, worries
  • Feeling Cards & Icons
  • Secrets
  • Risk and Resource Chips

To learn about the Life Story Board Process, click here.