February 20, 2016 LSB Workshop

Vidaview Life Story Board™ Introductory Training Workshop
February 20, 2016
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

CCPA CEC CREDITS AVAILABLEWorkshop participants discuss a completed Life Story Board layout.

Registration is now open.
To register for February 20, click here.

The Life Story Board™ is an innovative and versatile visual communication tool enabling diverse modes of expression, sharing, and reflection within the therapeutic relationship.

This one-day hands-on workshop is for counsellors, therapists, and social work practitioners interested in the Life Story Board for their professional use with clients. As well it’s a great  starting point for researchers and grad students considering the LSB as an interview tool for social research applications.

The workshop is an engaging mix of presentation, discussion, demonstration, and hands-on practice with the Life Story Board.

The Training Team consists of the LSB creator Dr. Rob Chase, University of Manitoba, with Alfred Koineh RSW MSW, Social Worker and Program Manager of the Community Outreach and Multicultural Wellness Program, at Mount Carmel Clinic, Winnipeg.

Together they  introduce:

  • the conceptual framework of the LSB
  • orientation to the LSB Toolkit
  • basic story-boarding approaches for assessment and therapy
  • practice dyads

We also offer workshop participants an ‘After Care Package’ following the Basic Intro workshop, to facilitate the practice necessary to be comfortable using the LSB with clients. (see details below).


Completing the Workshop (7hrs)  and Aftercare (4 hrs) is pre-approved for Continuing Education Credits by Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association CCPA.


Saturday, February 20, 2016
9 am – 4:30 pm


MFL Community Health Centre
102-275 Broadway Ave.
Winnipeg, Manitoba


Registration is now open.
To register for February 20, click here.

Registration deadline: February 13, 2016.

To ensure a high quality of training, attendance will be limited to 8 participants; registration is on a first come first served basis. Once all spots have been filled, registration will be closed.

After you complete your registration, we will prepare and send you an invoice by email.  A few weeks prior to the workshop we will email you further details about the schedule for the day, and resources for suggested pre-workshop Life Story Board™ orientation.


Rob Chase MD, Dept. of Community Health Sciences, College of Medicine, University of Manitoba

Rob is the creator of the Vidaview Life Story Board™ and founder of Vidaview Information Systems. Since its earliest version in 1995, Rob has been devoted to developing LSB  into a robust and versatile tool for research, assessment and therapy applications. He has delivered  LSB training workshops and presentations in Canada, Australia,  Sri Lanka and Bhutan.

Alfred Koineh, MSW, RSW, CCC Social Worker and Program Manager of the Community Outreach and Multicultural Wellness Program,at Mount Carmel Clinic, Winnipeg.

Alfred has used the Life Story Board clinically since its inception in 2011. He has been involved in LSB clinical research at the Mount Carmel Clinic, as well as co-facilitating Winnipeg-based Training Workshops.

FEES (In Canadian Dollars)

Workshop Tuition:  $175. +GST

 Student rate: $85 +GST

Life Story Board™ Toolkit: $245 +GST   30% workshop discount (regular price $350 )

Note: LSB Toolkits are available to registrants at a special workshop price (30% discount).

You can either pre-order yours to be available for pick up at the workshop, or make your purchase decision after the workshop (in which case a $20 shipping charge may apply).

LSB Toolkit Purchase Includes:

  • The magnetic table-top Life Story Board and all component magnet sets. Full Toolkit description here
  • Manual and Guidesheets
  • Access to online LSB training resources (videos on Vimeo, audio on Soundcloud, PPT presentations)
  • Membership in Vidaview’s ‘LSB Aftercare’ secure private discussion forum to share questions, comments and experiences of other LSB users and training team. porno izle

Aftercare Package: $200 for up to 4 hours of one-on-one sessions with a Life Story Board™ Trainer


Being ready to use the LSB comfortably with clients requires several hours of study, play and practice to review your Toolkit components, customize them to your specific use, and develop facility with the Storyboarding process.

To facilitate this learning curve, we offer workshop participants the After Care Package with up to 4 hours of 1-on-1 time with the LSB trainer/supervisor of your choice.

Aftercare includes practice activities, readings, and rehearsal of clinical scenarios, customized to your particular setting, under the guidance of the LSB trainer via video meetings (or in person if possible.)

Regular rate for ongoing supervision is @ $100. per hour arranged with Vidaview trainers (invoiced separately)

Aftercare and Supervision hours qualify for CCPA CE Credits, and will also will count towards our future program of certification with the Vidaview Life Story Board™.

Need more information?

Download tri-fold brochure (.pdf file) here.

If you have further questions, please email training@vidaview.ca

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