Learning to Use the Life Story Board™

Vidaview is committed to providing a variety of options to help you become familiar and proficient with using Life Story Board™, including:

  • Orientation and reference materials included with LSB Toolkit
  • Personal introductory training session via video call is included in purchase price
  • Introductory and advanced training workshops
  • The Workshop Aftercare Package: one-on-one sessions with a trainer via video call
  • Online resources
  • Individual Supervision sessions

Orientation & Introductory Training in the LSB System

Purchase of the Life Story Board™ includes an illustrated Manual, Element Guide Sheets, a Quick Reference Chart, and a step-by step protocol for introducing each Element during a session.

The Manual provides a conceptual introduction, and describes the purpose and use of each Element of the Board and Toolkit.

Guide Sheets include detailed pictures and descriptors of many of the Element sets, as well as suggested questions, and can be consulted by the Guide and Storyteller together during the session to choose relevant markers to add to the layout.

The Quick Reference Chart provides a handy visual reminder of everything included in the LSB, and includes the associated Manual page number for each.

The step – by – step Session Protocol is intended as a learning tool, to facilitate comfort in using the LSB initially, while gaining familiarity with it.

We are currently developing the online training resources, which will include:

  • Instructional video clips
  • AV case studies of LSB sessions
  • Discussion forum to post observations, comments and questions
  • Periodic introductory and topic-specific webinars



Hands-on LSB training in a small workshop is an engaging and efficient way to be initiated into the LSB system. Workshop format and content is flexible to the clinical context, needs and objectives of the host organization and participants. There is nothing better than first-hand experience ‘receiving’ and ‘giving’ an LSB session in dyads, and to observe demonstrations with instruction.

In-House Training Workshops

In-house workshops customized to address using the Life Story Board within your organization’s specific mandate are possible, subject to availability of our Trainers.

To inquire about in-house training, please send an email with particulars such as the focus of your organization’s work, your location, expected number of participants, and preferred time frame.

Aftercare Package

Being ready to use the Life Story Board™ comfortably with clients requires several hours of study, play and practice to become familiar with your Toolkit components, customize them to your specific use, and

To facilitate this learning curve, we offer workshop participants the After Care Package,which is a self-directed course for acquiring greater LSB literacy, facilitated by one of our Trainers. with up to 4 hours of 1-on-1 time with the LSB trainer/supervisor of your choice.

Aftercare includes practice activities, readings, and rehearsal of clinical scenarios, customized to your particular setting, under the guidance of the LSB trainer via video meetings (or in person if possible.)

Advanced Training

Vidaview is committed to providing advanced training leading to ‘certification’. This may interest those who wish to:

  • Collaborate in clinical research in LSB methods development
  • Become a LSB trainer
  • Research / publish using LSB methods
  • Advertise LSB certification for their practice


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