The Vidaview Life Story Board™ Team


Rob Chase MD, MSc.  Winnipeg, Manitoba
Life Story Board™ Creator, Vidaview Founder and Director


Rob has developed the Life Story Board™ concept and methods over 20 years of research and collaboration, first with humanitarian NGOs working with war-affected children in Sri Lanka and Uganda, and then with aboriginal and newcomer communities in Winnipeg. In 2009 he launched Vidaview Information Systems Ltd, as a university-developed company, to produce Life Story Board™ Toolkits and develop LSB training, evaluation, user support and research.

Rob is Assistant Professor at the Dept. of Community Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Manitoba in Winnipeg Canada. His sub-specialty area is community medicine with clinical work in occupational health; he teaches undergraduate medical students and graduate students.




Shelley Sherriff, Victoria, British Columbia
Product & Program Developer, Assistant Trainer


Shelley joined the Vidaview team in 2009, initially as a writer and web designer; her role soon grew to include many aspects of developing the Life Story Board Toolkit™ concepts and components, training resources and delivery strategies.  She has many years’ experience creating online and print reference, instructional and promotional materials for public and private organizations.

Her background is in cultural and medical anthropology, and since 1997 she has been a member of the Process Work Institute learning community, training in Process Oriented psychology and facilitation.

Shelley has long been interested in the power of Story for individual and community healing and growth, and guides Life Story Board™ sessions for personal exploration and development.



Maribela Arruda-Block M. Ed. High Level, Alberta
LSB Clinical User, Trainer


Maribela’s education consists of a Bachelors of Arts in Justice & Law (1994); Applied Counselling Degree specializing in sexual abuse, domestic violence, and addictions (1998); and Masters degree in Educational Psychology (2003). She has have Level II certification in Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics from the Child Trauma Academy with Dr. Bruce Perry (2012). As well, she has extensive training in cross cultural awareness/sensitivity.

She has worked for several community service agencies and a few government departments (i.e. Justice, Health, and Education). She is skilled in providing clinical treatment, clinical case management, monitoring progress, and evaluation, and has facilitated treatment programs in a variety of clinical settings. Over the last ten years she has been working with children, youth, and families from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, within the education system and the mental health system.



Sabrina La Tona M.S.W. R.S.W.

Individual, Child and Family Counselling
LSB Clinical User, Trainer

Sabrina has ten years experience as a Social Worker counselling individuals, children/adolescents with complex needs, adults and families. She has worked extensively in multidisciplinary settings in Community Health, Adult Mental Health, Child Welfare and Children’s Mental Health. Sabrina is trained in Child Trauma assessment and intervention, and is in Play Therapy Training with Can. Assoc. Child and Play Therapy.

In her private practice in North York, Ontario, she helps others tell their story with the LSB through a trauma, attachment and play therapy lens..


Soren Trotman MoC
LSB Clinical User, Trainer


Soren holds a Master of Counselling degree from Gonzaga University in Washington State. He is a Clinician and Recreation Worker, in the Training Resources for Youth TRY program at New Directions, in Winnipeg, MB. He provides private practice counselling services.

Soren received intensive Life Story Board™ training in February 2013. Since that time he has been using the LSB extensively in his counselling practice and work with youth at high risk. He is excited about the positive results he has been seeing, and the favourable feedback from his clients.


Alfred S. Koineh, MSW, RSW, CCC
LSB Clinical User, Trainer

Alfred Koineh is a Social Worker and Program Manager for Clinical/Social Work Services at Mount Carmel Clinic, Winnipeg, under the Community Outreach and Multicultural Wellness Program.

Alfred was an early participant in LSB training in 2011 and using it since. With his coordination the social work team at Mount Carmel Clinic participated in the 2011-2014 clinical research project of Maria Fernanda Medina MSc in Community Health Sciences, University of Manitoba “Disclosure of Difficult Life Events with a Visual Tool (2014)” (see Research). He is an active proponent of the usefulness of LSB in clinical counselling.

Alfred has worked in areas such as: child welfare, health, immigrant settlement and disaster relief (Sierra Leone Red Cross and International Committee of Red Cross). He has been part of many networks, projects and research initiatives involving settlement, war trauma and victims of torture issues, both in the United Kingdom and Canada. He is specialised in war trauma and torture related counselling. He currently sit on the WRHA Immigrant and Refugee working group, member of MIRSSA Health/ Mental Health Committee and Manitoba Recovery Champions Committee.

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